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Your Oral Surgeon in Boston

Even though we tend to associate new teeth with toddlers or elementary school children, the truth is many people have major issues with new teeth in their twenties. For most, this is when the so-called wisdom teeth arrive. Often this will require removal of the new tooth or even more complex oral surgery. In Boston, many of the people affected by wisdom teeth are college students. Dr. Gerald S. Fine, DDS understands this and is willing to bill parents and work with students from the many area colleges and universities needing dental attention even though they are far from home. For residents of Boston, wisdom teeth extraction and other services are easily found through Dr. Fine's office, located in Brookline. As a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery, Dr. Fine is able to help with a number of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems. For Boston TMJ treatment and oral surgery, you can trust Dr. Fine and his staff. Call and arrange your appointment today.

Knowledgeable Boston TMJ Treatment

Dr. Fine is a skilled oral surgeon with a special interest in sports medicine. He is also involved with correcting birth defects by performing oral surgery in Boston at the Massachusetts Hospital School and by volunteering to treat victims of the Chernobyl nuclear accident. There is no one more qualified in the area to help you with your dental issues. For students in Boston, wisdom teeth extraction and other dental procedures can be easily treated with bills going to parents if necessary. Dr. Fine works with several insurance providers as well.

Boston TMJ Treatment Options

Of course, surgery is not always the solution. For Dr. Fine's patients in Boston, TMJ treatment may take many forms. The goal of Dr. Gerald S. Fine and his staff is to help their patients maintain a healthy smile and good oral hygiene. When surgery is necessary, Dr. Fine's office is equipped to administer local or general anesthesia and even I.V. sedation.