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Dental Implants vs. Removable Complete Dentures

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I suspect all of us have seen a commercial suggesting that there is no price which can be placed upon the quality of life. This is especially true for our edentulous patients. Much of the "senior population" lament the loss of their teeth and express their dissatisfaction with their current denture situation. This situation is slowly improving with better dental care. However it is still a work in progress and there is still much to be accomplished. The need for complete dentures is on the decline. Tooth retention rates are increasing among older adults, but, as the Baby Boom generation ages, we can anticipate an increase in the number of older adults. As result of the sheer number of older adult patients, it anticipated that the need for dentures will double. We all must familiarize ourselves with other restorative options for the edentulous patient. Missing teeth which are not replaced may impact your patient's quality of life. The masticatory performance of patients who wear complete dentures is less than 20% that of patients with a natural dentition.

Patient dissatisfaction with dentures is well known to all of us. The complaints range from areas of pain and discomfort, difficulty eating, poor stability, and continue to include reduced salivary flow, and poor bite force. These are but a few of the many complaints and issues .

Restoration options for the Mandibular arch are numerous including conventional dentures, implant over dentures, as well as implant-supported fixed prostheses. Which option will most likely enhance the quality of life for your patient?

A recent study has found that patients who receive implant over dentures are significantly more satisfied than those who receive complete dentures. These patients enjoy a higher degree of comfort, stability, and ability to chew. compared to conventional removable complete dentures. Implant-supported dentures measurably improve the quality of life for edentulous patients. The high degree of function and satisfaction afforded by implant-supported dentures is a significant benefit to the patient and, thus is the most viable option to conventional complete removal dentures.

Our patients' quality of life is one of the most important considerations to be taken into account when assessing their dental needs. We, as dentists, may be called upon to play a part in the quality of life they enjoy. Implants are changing restorative dentistry because of all the benefits they offer.

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