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Implants, the Diabetic Patient, and You

More than 20% of persons older than age 65 have diabetes. Because of their increased susceptibility to infection, delayed wound healing and other complications, diabetic patients are routinely denied implant therapy. Recent studies now suggest that implants placed in the diabetic patient have a success rate (94.3%) that approaches the success rate in the non-diabetic patient.

Absolute control of the blood glucose levels for the diabetic patient is unlikely, but good control is essential in reducing the potential complications associated with the diabetic patient. The diabetic patient whose blood glucose levels are in good control can under go conventional or advanced surgery and achieve implant survival and complication rates comparable to the non-diabetic patient.

The ravages of poor dental health previously associated with the diabetic patient can now be reversed with the placement of dental implants in the well-controlled diabetic patient. The high rate of success in the well-controlled patient now opens new modalities of treatment for both the patient as well as for your dental practice.

My opinion: The survival rate for implant therapy is similar between the well-controlled diabetic patient and the non-diabetic patient. Age, gender, diabetes duration, and smoking had no significant influence on the outcome.

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