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Ridge Preservation Therapy Avoids Bone Loss After Extraction

Tooth extraction generally leads to the shrinkage of the bone of the extraction site: 40% to 60% of bone height and width are lost within 2 to 3 years. As a result of ongoing bone loss, many patients have inadequate bone height and width when they come to be considered for dental implants. Ridge preservation procedures help to avoid this bone loss and improve aesthetics.

A second significant consideration of the use of synthetic rafting material following the removal of an impacted third molar tooth is to preserve the bony architecture thus reducing the possibility of periodontal disease and resulting bone loss. In riddle preservation therapy, a bone replacement graft is placed into the socket immediately after tooth extraction. Synthetic graft material is generally preferred because of its availability. After the bone replacement graft is placed, suturing is preferred. No dressing is needed if primary closure is obtained. Ridge preservation is appropriate in several situations including impacted third molar wisdom teeth and other single or multiple tooth extractions and the hemisectioned tooth. Several types of synthetic bone substitutes are available including glasses, bovine and hydroxyapatite.

I have used several synthetic grafting materials in situations when significant bony defects were present prior to extraction with excellent results. The procedure may also help prevent dry socket and also may reduce postextraction pain and bleeding. The expense to the patient is quite modest. Should you anticipate the need for an implant in the extraction site in the future, the use of synthetic grafting material facilitates its placement. A note sent along with the patient or a call from your office prior to treatment is all that is required.

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