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Trusted Oral Surgeon in Brookline

Brookline is an area with many young people attending college in Boston. In Brookline, wisdom teeth removal is a fairly common occurrence because these molars, which often are impacted, tend to arrive when people are in their early to mid twenties. Of course, most Boston college students are away from home and their regular doctors and dentists.
If you are searching for an oral surgeon in Brookline or a Brookline dentist, consider Gerald S. Fine, D.D.S. A co-host of the cable program Oral Health Update; Dr. Fine has been a practicing oral and maxillofacial surgeon for over twenty years. From his office in Brookline, impacted teeth and TMJ issues are treated by Dr. Fine and his competent staff. Understanding that many students are far from home, Dr. Fine works with most medical and dental insurance providers and is willing to bill parents of college students.

Brookline Wisdom Teeth Removal

It is extremely common for wisdom teeth to crowd other teeth or become impacted. At his office in Brookline, wisdom teeth removal can be conducted by Dr. Fine using local or general anesthesia. He even offers the option of I.V. sedation. If you are having trouble with your wisdom teeth, contact Dr. Fine's office and arrange your appointment today.

Brookline Impacted Teeth and More

Dr. Fine is available for other services as well. In Brookline, impacted teeth are fairly common due to age distribution. However, accident related injuries, particularly as a result of sports, are very common as well. Dr. Fine is a member of the Boston College Sports Medicine staff. He takes a special interest in sports dentistry and is the oral surgeon in Brookline you want to help with your sports related dental injuries. Dr. Fine has also spent many years performing surgery to help children with birth defects, so he has a very wide knowledge and experience base at his disposal. He is the surgeon you can trust with your smile.