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Impacted Wisdom Teeth in Boston

Boston is famous for being its many colleges and universities. Of course, this means that the city hosts thousands of students from all over the country (and, in fact, the world). If they have a medical or dental issue, they may find themselves far from home and their familiar dentists and doctors. It is common to see impacted wisdom teeth in Boston because many people develop their wisdom teeth during their early twenties. If you find yourself in this situation, you can always turn to Dr. Gerald S. Fine D.D.S., an experienced oral surgeon who is ready to help you with your dental issues. The staff at his office can help you with your Boston wisdom tooth extraction and Boston wisdom teeth removal billing as well. They can bill parents and, of course, the office participates in most major dental insurance programs.

Boston Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Dr. Fine is an experienced surgeon. He has a special interest in oral pathology and diagnosis and a great deal of experience with sports medicine. If you have impacted wisdom teeth in Boston, there is no better choice to help you than Dr. Fine. You will also be able to get your surgery, if necessary, in the manner that makes you most comfortable. At his office, there is a full range of anesthesia including:

  1. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
  2. Local
  3. General
  4. I.V. sedation

For students throughout Boston, wisdom tooth extraction is made easier and much more comfortable by choosing the dental office of Dr. Gerald S. Fine, D.D.S. Office is open in Brookline, with easy access from Boston University, Northeastern University and Boston College. Schedule an appointment today and see why Dr. Fine is one of the best oral surgeon in boston.