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Our commitment is to provide you the highest standard of oral and maxillofacial surgery in a professional manner.


We are committed to professional as well as patient education and have made available on our web site articles dealing with a number of oral surgical subjects. A listing of these articles are as follows:

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  1. Dabigatran: What is it? Why it should it matter to you!
  2. Pain, Pain, Pain
  3. Cancer - Thank You
  4. Burning Mouth Syndrome
  5. Common Palatal Masses and Their Treatment
  6. Complications Related to Local Anesthesia
  7. Cracked Tooth Syndrome
  8. Diagnosis of Oral Candidiasis and Its Ramifications
  9. Have You Treated These Patients? (Complicated Patient Diagnoses)
  10. Intraosseous Anesthesia
  11. Medical Drugs and Dentistry
  12. Nerve Damage Associated with Block Anesthesia
  13. Scalded Mouth Syndrome
  14. Surgical Management of the Ameloblastoma
  15. Dry Mouth and Its Causes
  16. The Importance of Full Mouth X-rays and Tumors and Cysts of the Jaw
  17. Trauma--The Avulsed Tooth
  18. Viscous Lidocaine in the Treatment of Dry Socket
  19. Indications for Pre-Prosthetic Surgery
  20. Whiplash and Temporomandibular Disorder
  21. Common Abnormalities
  22. Antibiotics and Oral Contraceptives
  23. Surgical Emphysema Following Restorative Dentistry
  24. Physical Examination
  25. Impacted Third Molar Teeth: Remove or Observe and When?
  26. Oral Health, Chronic Diseases, and Aging
  27. Ridge Preservation Therapy Avoids Bone Loss After Extraction
  28. What is a dry socket?
  29. Patients With Suspicious Lesions
  30. Temporomandibular Pain: Diagnosis And Treatment
  31. The Treatment Of The Medically Compromised Patient
  32. Is a TM Disorder a Problem For You?
  33. Post Operative Instructions
  34. A Mini Clinical Pathological Conference
  35. Anorexia and Bulimia: Medical and Dental Management
  36. Bisphosphate Therapy
  37. Clindamycin Use or not
  38. T.M.D. or Temporal Arteritis?
  39. Oral anticagulation Therapy
  40. Asprin Therapy - Stop or Not Before Surgery
  41. Cancer and Osteoradionecrosis
  42. Cold Therapy - Psychological or Real Benefits
  43. Dental Care for the Cancer Patient
  44. Headaches, headaches, headaches
  45. Which Antibiotic to Prescribe?
  46. Blood Thinning Medications / Dental Care
  47. Paresthesia
  48. IMPLANTS--are Antibiotics necessary?
  49. The "NEW" Antibiotic Guideline (Revisited)
  50. Temporomandibular Joint Management Options
  51. Periodontal Disease and Third Molars
  52. Implants, the Diabetic Patient, and You
  53. Implant Success in the Osteoporotic Patient
  54. Oral Biopsies in the Geriatric Patient
  55. Implants and the diabetic
  56. What's your policy
  57. Dental Implants vs. Removable Complete Dentures
  58. Implant Placement in Infected Sites-A Recipe for Failure: Yes or No??
  59. Your Smile: Today and Tomorrow (SOCKET PRESERVATION)
  60. PAIN: Tongue
  61. Congratulations: You're Being Sued!!
  62. THE SWOLLEN LIP: Unexpected diagnosis
  63. Avoiding a Lawsuit (Just Say SORRY)
  64. PREMEDICATE or NOT: That is the question ?